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Accelerate Revenue up to 30%

The Pipeline Assessment Chart allows sales managers to focus on resources for deals crucial for business growth. Grow sales with Key-buyer Insights by understanding their sentient, topic of interest, engagement process, and risk assessment report. Identify and fix the gaps in the buyer journey to support faster conversation and better relationships.

Boost Sales Efficiency up to 60%

Switch your weekly meetings from “80% Fact-Finding” to “80% Problem Solving” for better conversation and deal closure strategies. Welcome the modern style of CRM updates where your team does not need to do the grunt work and CRM updates itself. Kloze.Ai sales acceleration platform, a must-have sales enablement software, has a real-time updated Territory Review dashboard for you to focus on strategizing the deals for successful sales.

Boost the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Sales Team to Kloze.Ai More Deals

360° Degree Real-Time Pipeline Assessment

Know the actual status of contacts, accounts, and deals when the real-time buyer engagement does not match CRM close probability. Sales managers can gather insights and emphasize exploring where to focus and direct the seller activity.

Weekly Territory Review Dashboard

Get a quick review of the buyer-seller interaction across emails, calls, and meetings. Analyze data at each level in the Territory Review Dashboard for better decisions – Account, Contact, and Deal. Have a complete story update by filtering the activities by salesperson, hierarchy, with Kloze.Ai, your trusted sales engagement platform.

Auto-write Buyer-Seller Engagement Data to CRM

Cover 2X more hidden data from current CRM data. Get real-time insights on emails, LinkedIn, meetings, and meeting transcripts for enhanced forecasting for contacts, accounts, and deals.

Overcome Your Legacy Challenges

Kloze.Ai empowers you to spend less time analyzing stale data in boring meetings, 1:1s, and CRM updates, instead helps you stay focused on the finish line – sales. Schedule calls, workflows, content, and emails, and let Kloze.Ai show you what to prioritize.

Most sales leaders like you spend endless hours analyzing stale data in boring meetings, 1:1s, and CRM updates, instead helps you stay focused on the finish line.

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