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Today, account execs like you, spend way too much time on collating and updating the activities in the existing deals leaving very little time for creating more deals and helping your current buyers realize the optimal solution with your offerings.

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Recommendations to Unlock Upto 35% New Deals & Accelerate Existing Ones

Get powerful recommendations from Kloze.Ai, your revenue operation platform, on how you can leverage your and peer connections to unlock new deals and accelerate the existing ones so you can exceed your quarter goals.

Automation to Save 3 - 4 Hours/Week

Sit back and relax, while your CRM gets updated automatically through Kloze.Ai. It’ll save hours every week and ease your pain of manually updating the critical deal activities such as meetings, emails, meeting notes, buyer questions, and contacts. Now, instead of spending hours on the grunt work, you can now focus on delighting your buyers and closing more deals.

CollabSpace to Boost & Measure Engagement With Your Best Buyers by Upto 40%

To delight your buyers and measure their engagement, use Kloze.Ai CollabSpace™ which provides a single view of all the assets and communication between your team and the buyer’s team, as the buyers engage with those assets get visibility to every buyer engagement with those assets and align with them on the outcomes and next steps.

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Sales Acceleration Platform

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