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Driving Growth in Services Companies with Leading Sales Indicators: An AI-Driven Approach

Guest: Prathap Achuthan, Sales Head, Aspire Systems

Hosted by: Rahul Kapoor, Founder, Kloze.Ai

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Increase Revenue Predictability up to 15%

Real-time engagement scoring for every contact, account, and deal to provide you and your team members with confidence on the deal closure date.

Accelerate Revenue up to 20%

Supercharge your sales with actionable insights, hot opportunities, and content assets that drive actions - all powered by our revolutionary ML engine.

Boost Sales Efficiency up to 25%

Eliminate busy work for your sellers by Automated Write of their Activities to CRM. Get recommendations on the next best actions.

Leading Organizations From Startups to Fortune 100 Trust Kloze.Ai

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Don't Just Manage Your Team. Lead It with Real-Time Revenue Intelligence.
Sales Manager

  • If B2B Sellers in your team are like fighter pilots tracking down and hitting their targets, then, the Sales Manager is like an air traffic controller who helps them complete the mission.

  • Imagine the Sales Manager has a deal dashboard that updates them and the CRM in Real-Time with seller activity, buyer outcomes, key stakeholder engagement/sentiment, early deal warnings, and contextual recommendations. Kloze.Ai also helps them coach the team members and forecast better.

  • No more playing “20 Questions'' every week with the Sellers to understand the status of an account, contact, deal - or nagging the sellers for CRM updates. Help them hit their target with Kloze.Ai Pipeline Management features.

Hit Your Deal Targets Up to 30% Faster.
Account Executives

A fighter pilot needs a real-time dashboard to hit the target and complete the mission. An Account Executive, like a fighter pilot, should be able to process information quickly and update their Sales Managers on what is going on in the sky with reliable revenue intelligence.

Accelerate your sales cycle by leveraging Kloze.Ai recommendations that are delivered weekly to your inbox that help you decide your next best action.

Kloze.Ai automates pipeline management and contact management. It also auto-writes to the CRM on your behalf. Save hours per week and boost sales efficiency. Spend more time closing deals and less time updating the management.

Just like a fighter plane pilot gathers intel, Sellers discover new buyers and buyer insights in their existing accounts. Analyze buyer’s sentiment, share content assets that drive decisions, and pivot deals in the right direction to accelerate sales.


Measure True Performance of Leads and Content
Marketing and Knowledge Management

If a sales manager is like an air traffic controller and an account executive is like a fighter pilot, then a marketing manager is like a strategic planner generating targets, maps to those targets, and ensuring the targets are hit.

If a sales manager is like an air traffic controller and an account executive is like a fighter pilot, then a marketing manager is like a strategic planner generating targets, maps to those targets, and ensuring the targets are hit.

Know which content worked the best to move an account or a deal with Kloze.Ai’s Content Heatmap, powered by real-time content performance.

Enable Sales to find the right content for their deals with BestSearch™. This helps sellers select the best-fit asset for them. They can search any asset file or page-level while you can measure their content engagement.

Accelerate Your Sales With Kloze.Ai
Unlock Insights. Win more Deals

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Enterprise Grade Security

Physical Security

Kloze.Ai is hosted on AWS that provides robust, physical data center security and environmental control.


Kloze.Ai enables encryption of sensitive data both at rest and in transit over public networks.

Data Usage

Kloze.Ai does not mine or access your data for advertising purposes.

Data Privacy

Kloze.Ai only uses customer data to provide the service; it does not look into your account without your permission.

Data Recovery

Kloze.Ai’s technology regularly backs up your data and provides a maximum 24-hour RTO and RPO.

Data Ownership

Your data 100% belongs to you. Kloze.Ai does not delete data in your account without giving you time to export it.